GVB Holdings was established in 1995 by Werner van Brakel.

"I have always valued the importance of excellent service and supportand I also expect no less from my employees and constantly remind them of the importance of being one step ahead, thus being pro-active."

The company mainly caters for the business industry from small to large companies.  GVB Holdings' main services include:

#      PCGUARD: A unique and cost effective product developed to secure and monitor computers etc. 24 hours a day.

#      Accounting software sales and support  

#      Computer hardware and software supply and maintenance

#      Network infrastructure

#      Internet Service Provider

We believe in supplying our customers with good quality, as well as affordable products that satisfies their individual needs for the maintenance of their IT infrastructure.

Computer theft has become a major point of discussion all around the world. Computers are a valuable commodity and are easily disposed of. Criminals also access data on devices and have been known to sell it to interested parties.

Computer theft during office hours are on the increase when security measures are usually less stringent and the office alarm is deactivated. Thieves easily gain access to the office, and victimize staff with fear and physical force.

Schools and other Tertiary Institutions suffer enormous losses not only due to computers being stolen, but also because of computer parts being stolen out of computers.

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